30 04 2009

training-wit-travisThis is my very first post.  I just got done teaching class tonight and for my very first post i would like to talk about how its amazing how our personalities show up in our rolls.  You find out who the guys are that will never ever tap even if it means a broken bone.  You find out who the guys are that give up too soon or fold under pressure.  Whats that quote, “you have been weighed and measured and found to be wanting.”  This is what you do instinctively whenever you fight or in this case roll with someone.  Constantly it seems you are not really fighting someone but really and truly just getting to know someone. (of course this is just pertaining to training in the gym… not actually fighting in the street)  I never cease to be amazed at how well you can really get to know someone by fighting or sparring with someone.  I find that the guys i roll with in class, i feel like i know them better than people that i have known my whole life.  rolling or sparring with someone is a very honest experience..  When your fighting it is impossible to lie.  All your insecurities are impossible to hide… your personality presents its self in your actions… i mean it is truly amazing!!  By fighting or rolling with someone you find out whether someone is stubborn, shy, confident, or even smart.  BJJ is more than just a style of fighting…  I believe it is more like a philosophy for life… one in which i hope to explain in more detail in my posts to come. 

anyway blah blah blah… i bet no one even reads this stuff… but anyway its getting late.  Have a goodnight and see you guys or girls tomorow


Hello world!

28 04 2009

Hello and welcome to OHANA BJJ’s blog site!  This blog site is dedicated to sharing my thoughts and opinions on the fight game and also to explore deeper into victoryphilosophies of how the principles of fighting or rolling pertain to our everyday life.  I have found that fighting is one of the purest things left on this planet…  It is an activity in which no one can disguise themselves.  There is no lying in fighting… period.  It is the most honest and harshest reality out there.  Embrace it with me as i blog about my experiences.

jason yerrington

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