Side Control Sweep Variation

24 10 2009

With todays post I want to build on the foundation that I started with my last post. Last time we talked about getting our crowbar and our buffer zone and escaping to butterfly guard when your in your opponents side control. Today we will talk about a variation from our side control escape and turn our escape into a sweep.

Let’s start with the same position as last time. Randy has side control and my arms are in the worst position possible.

First step is for me to get my crowbar in just like last time. Randy is very tight with his underhook, in this situation it is very dangerous for me to try and put my buffer zone in. So I decide to stay with the overbook.

Take a closer look

Now I intiate my escape just like last time. I bring my knee up

Then I post with my outside foot and shrimp away from Randy. By doing this I have created space between randy’s knee and my hip

Then just like last post I insert my knee as far as I can placing my shin against randy’s hips.

Now after this I still try to create space by pushing into Randy with my shin but because of his underhook pushing him away is much harder. So rather than struggle with Randy I hook under his leg with my arm

Next I start my sweep by pointing my knee to the ceiling and lift his hips with the arm that I hooked under randy’s leg. By pointing my knee towards the ceiling I am supporting the majority of randy’s weight with my knee so lifting him with my arm becomes extremely easy

Take a closer look

Now I start to roll for my sweep. I drop my overhook pinching my arm tightly to my body to keep Randy from posting with his outside hand.

Now to I finish the sweep by stabilizing my knee on belly position

Now let’s put it all together…


Escaping Side Control

14 10 2009

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I posted on the site and for that I’m sorry. Today I want to walk through Ohana Jiu Jitsu’s version of the basic side control escape. Helping me with the technique is my friend and training partner Randy. So here we go…

Let’s start on our back totally flat with Randy on top in side control with an underhook and a crossface

First thing I teach is that u need to protect your arms. In the above position Randy is able to attack my far side and my near side arm. So let’s start first by building what I like to call your crowbar. You take the arm that is closest to your opponent and get your forearm across Randy’s hips. Now it is important that you use this arm in a crowbar motion using your elbow to press into Randy instead of your hand.

Next we have take care of our far side arm. I protect my far side arm by building what I call the buffer zone. The buffer zone is the space that I can create between randy’s chest and mine. The trick is creating this space without using any strength. I grab randy’s lat with my hand and point my elbow into his neck. Now I start to point my elbow to the ceiling. Once I do this Randy is considerable less heavy then what he felt like 2 secs before because the buffer zone is supporting his weight allowing me to move

Now take a look… Randy is on top and my arms are protected and my bones are supporting randy’s weight

Compared to…

Next we start our escape by bringing my knee up against his hip

Now I shrimp away from Randy and creating space between his body and my hips. I always turn into my opponent when performing a basic side control escape

Once I have created the distance then I have to close the distance. I take my bottom knee and shoot it through trying to get my shin all the way across randy’s hips. When I am shooting my knee through I always have me knee go over my elbow

Here is a close up of the detail of my knee over my elbow

Now I push into Randy hips with my shin and the goalie not move Randy but move myself. I want my head to get as far from his legs as I can

Next I get my first hook. I take my outside leg and I insert my instep inbetween his legs. This is my legs should now have formed an X on one of randy’s legs. This helps with my control of Randy

Now I pull my leg through and establish my other hook with my instep on randy’s other leg. Now I have established a Butterfly Guard

Now I sit up and acheive an underhook on with my right arm and an overhook with my left arm. I place my head as close to randy’s shoulder and prepare for a hook sweep

I begin the hook sweep by falling on my shoulder as I lift Randy with my right hook as my body turns up and is supported by my left foot. I realease Randy and transition to kasa gatama

now watch the technique in full…