Halfway through and were 0-2

7 11 2009

So here we are, the day of the competition. Art and Nick have already competed. Both guys did well. Let’s start with art…

Art was the first guy of the competition to fight. Needless to say he was not as warm as he would have liked to be and he is fighting a pulled groin injury.

The fight started with art’s opponent shooting for a double and switching to a single. Art sprawled and attempted to crossface and take the back. Unfortunately his technique was just a little slow and peformed correctly so it didn’t work. His opponent took side control and eventually finished art with an armbar from kasa gatama. Great try art!

Next we have nick…

Nick started off by throwing his opponent all over the fighting area! After throwing him around nick pulled guard. From here nick and his opponenet were locked in a battle of grips and posture. Nick was unable to utilize his sitting guard effictively and his opponent was unable to open his guard. In an attempt to hunt for a submission nick threw up a triangle. His opponent defended well and passed nicks guard and established side control. You guessed it he scored three points. Nick escaped and put his opponent back in Closed guard and continued to fight. They scrambled to their knees and with only 1 min left in the match. Nick was hardpressed to score and get the win but was unable to do so with so little time left in the fight. I am proud of nick. With only 4 months of training he pulled guard even though he was obviously the stronger of the two. Nick might not agree with me but I think this fight will be an excellent learning experience for his Jiu Jitsu evolution.




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