7 11 2009

The second half of the tournament got started with obi.
This was Obi’s first time to compete since his knee surgery a year ago.

Obi’s match started with him getting a beautiful takedown and establishing his side control immediately. From here Obi was able to dominate. He soon established full mount and continued his domination. There was a scramble and Obi re-established his side control. The match ended with Obi totally dominating with a score of 9 to 0. Great match Obi! You showed great control and technique in your win!

Obi’s next match was against a very game opponent. His opponent was very calm and collected while obi was not yet fully recovered from his first bout. Obi’s opponent was able to secure the first takedown and score 2 points. From here obi did a great job of moving off his back and turning to his knees. Obi made it back to his feet and it was evident that obi was pretty tired. His opponent secured another takedown and eventually took obi’s back and locked in a choke.

Obi did an excellent job of controlling his positions and dominating the top positions with his first opponent. With his second i think obi did an excellent job of continuing to stay in contsant motion. never allowing his opponent to staple him down and control him. If only obi had a little more endurance in that second match maybe the outcome goes a different way. Keep up the good work obi. In time you will find yourself relaxing and your body moving more efficiently thus keeping you from ever reaching that exhausted state.

next we have me…

at this tournament there were a whole lot of white belts. Then you had a good showing of blue belts. After that the number of purple, brown, and black belts were a little scarce. in my bracket there was only one other guy. he was a purple belt from gracie barra in houston and he definetely wasn’t a little guy. His name was sergio and sergio probably weighed somewhere between 275 and 325. i will try to find the footage of the fight but to summarize real fast…

i took sergio down with a sacrifice throw. i quickly mounted him. then i went to side control and started working for gi chokes… long story short i finished sergio with a keylock while i was in his halfguard. i promise i will try to get the footage of that match up asap… shortly after my match with sergio and i thought i was done for the day, my name was called on the loudspeaker. evidently they had forgotten someone and asked if i would fight him. i of course said yes. the following footage is from that roll

obi and me atama open gold

Now Nick and Art both found redemption in the absolute white belt division.

Art won his first fight against a friend from marra senki named james. it was an excellent match with good jits played by both players. Art won by sinking his hooks in right before the match was over. In Arts next fight he fought his opponent to a stand still and they had to go to overtime to decide the winner. In the 2 min of overtime no player was able to establish any points but yet the ref decided to hand the victory to Art’s opponent. Great job Art!! i was so proud of you. i know you were fighting a hurt groin and an injured arm. way to persevere and get you a win.

da boys atama open

Nicks redemption came when after his first win in the absolute white belt division he earned the right to fight the same guy that he lost to by 3 points earlier that day. Nick took the guy down passed his guard, took his back and one body triangle and a choke later the match was over. Nick went on to make it all the way to the finals of the absolute white belt tournament! In the final nick was doing awesome and was winning the match 2-0 when with only 1min left, nick got caught with a scissor sweep from his opponents closed guard. After the fight nick was awarded the Silver Medal for the absolute white belt division!  Nick has only been training for 4 months and he went up against some really good white belts that day. great job nick!!




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13 12 2009
Paul Haben

Great job gentlemen! Jason you are the man and you really show great support for your students. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you this week bro.

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