th_jasonsbrazilianjiujitsutriptolon-16victoryHello my name is Jason Yerrington.  I am the owner and operator of OHANA JIU JITSU.  I am currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu underneath Sergio “marra” Senki.  Prior to Jiu Jitsu i played basketball at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio.  After basketball i stumbled upon mma and Jiu Jitsu, but now i cant imagine life without fighting.  I have medaled at the mundials (world Jiu Jitsu competition) once and i hope to continue that trend.  I try to compete as much as possible in NAGA events or any tournament that is close enough to go to.  Starting a school with the help of my instructor Marra Senki as been an enlightening experience.  One in which i hope to share my experience through these posts.  I have fought in the cage and just on the mat.  Fighting is totally different than what most people think it is… i hope to enlighten people through my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading!


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14 07 2009
Paul Haben

Jason: Very nice site my friend. I have missed training with you but should be able to stop by soon. Just healing up from all my knee problems. Don’t have a lot of time to get into your site but plan on going through your site thoroughly. It looks like you have some really good information and thoughts. Take care my brother and congratulations on your Purple Belt! Very well deserved…

Be blessed


27 10 2009
John Paul "JP" Gauna

I think the site looks great! Keep up the excellent postings…whatever help you need from me I am her brotha!

Sincerely your friend,
John Paul Gauna

22 11 2009

what is going on here

16 12 2009
Leo O'Brien

J, Fine site my friend….One of these days hope to get out to your school… Hope to see you around Marra Senki…

Your Marra Senki JJ teammate,

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